SEATTLE, DAY 4: NOV 2, 2015 (MON). Jimi Hendrix Memorial and Vintage Clothes


My vacation plan in Seattle was pretty spontaneous until Sunday. It was because I decided to make plans after Monday based on Sunday weather forecast. Seattle’s weather was famous as cloudy or rainy most of the season. That was what I expected and actually true. I think I was lucky to have 4 sunny days there. I didn’t regret about the not-so-good weather because I wanted to see the doomy sky, that was the Seattle-tic weather for me. Also, I expected weather and forecast would quickly change there, so I decided to see forecast on Sunday night then plan what I would do from then.

According to Sunday forecast, sunny days would be Tuesday and Wednesday, and Wednesday was less percentage of precipitation. I decided my main weekly plans as follows.

Monday: Jimi Hendrix Memorial
Tuesday: Boeing (Future of Flight) factory tour
Wednesday: Cycling
Thursday: Museums

Though Jimi Hendrix was undoubtedly a great legend, I was relatively a new fan of him. I was born 3 years after he died. I had listened to more present musicians influenced by Hendrix rather than the legend himself. Such as Prince, Gary Clark Jr, Foo Fighters, Slash…I mean, who wouldn’t be influenced by the one-and-only?

Jimi Hendrix was one of the most notable people in Seattle. Born, raised, and even his resting place was located in the southeast of Seattle. I decided I would visit his memorial to pay tribute and respect as a music fan when I had a chance to visit Seattle a long time ago.

So I did on my 4th day. I took crowded 101 bus all way down to Renton. I had to stand up but the window view wasn’t boring with airplanes at Boeing Renton Factory and beautiful fall foliage over the hills.

I was going to buy flowers in Renton, but I couldn’t find supermarket around the transit center located in downtown Renton. There was Safeway a little bit further on S. 3rd Street, but my next bus was after 15 minutes…ugh, whatever, I could take another bus. I decided to buy at a flower shop named “Cugini Florists”, 2 blocks away from the transit center.

I told a female staff, named Geri, that the flower was for visiting Jimi Hendrix Memorial but I didn’t know what kind of flowers were appropriate for tribute. Geri cheerfully asked me how much my budget was. I told her $30. I knew $30 wasn’t really appreciated budget for a flower shop, but she picked up the best flowers possible and made this beautiful, perfect size bouquet.

Her flower selection process was pretty good to learn, too. We chatted after purchase, and she kindly gave me some local tips about Seattle. It was a nice visit of that store.

ADDRESS: 413 S. 3rd Street, Renton, WA 98057
TEL: 425-255-3900


Greenwood Memorial Park was medium size and Jimi Hendrix Memorial was very easy to find on the right side after entering. After paying tribute with the flower I just bought, I looked all sides of the memorial. Fans left a variety of gifts on the Memorial. Flowers, Halloween pumpkins, and even a large plastic bag of a lot of marijuana, too!!

Jimi Hendrix Memorial

Inside of memorial

One thing memorable was the waiting area of a nearby bus stop to downtown Renton. It had a handsome picture of Hendrix with words of “West Coast Seattle Boy”. I felt Seattle’s love to him by the picture.


Nearby bus stop to downtown Renton. Across the bus stop is McDonald’s/Chevron.

By the way, my most favorite song of Jimi Hendrix is “1983 (A Merman I Should Turn to Be)”.


Jimi Hendrix Memorial is located at Greenwood Memorial Park in City of Renton, about 15 miles southeast of downtown Seattle. Access is not difficult by King County Metro bus. Take 101 bus from Downtown Tunnel stations (not surface) to the last stop, Renton Transit Center, for about 40 minutes. 101 bus stops at Bay 6 of the transit center and 105 bus leaves from Bay 5, just behind Bay 6 across a narrow street. Take 105 bus to NE 4th Street and Monroe Avenue for about 10 minutes. You will see Renton Technical College campus on the left side and the combination of McDonald’s and Chevron gas station on the right side before arrival. Metro Bus has stop announcement. Greenwood Memorial is just in front of the bus stop.

Both 101 and 105 buses run every 30 minutes on daytime. You will have about 15 minutes waiting at Renton Transit Center. There are other buses to Renton, but 101 is the fastest with limited stops and running on highways.

ADDRESS: Greenwood Memorial Park. 350 Monroe Ave NE, Renton, WA 98056
TEL: 425-255-1511 








After returning to Seattle, I decided to explore more about Broadway in Capital Heights. I walked only up to Americana restaurant on the second day, but there were more things on further north along Broadway.

Broadway was an active street with many stores along with popular restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. I recognized that there were several thrift stores. I loved vintage leather jacket and sweaters, so I checked out some stores. All of them were clean and neat, and had a variety of good quality vintage clothes with nice prices. The best was Coach’s black leather half coat at Crossroads Trading Company. It was $55. Coach, leather coat and $55?? I though it was kidding first. I checked the label. It was made by leather. I smelled the coat. Yes, it clearly smelled real leather. When I turned around at a store, the coat was just right there with big price tag as it was waiting for me. The size was perfect match with me. Of course, I bought it immediately without thinking. It was funny to find New York lottery ticket in 2002 from its pocket later on. Well, welcome back!

Coach leather half coat I bought at Crossroads Trading Company

ADDRESS: 325 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102
TEL: 206-328-5867 (Google map writes 5847, but correct number is 5867)