Going to Seattle was my long time dream for almost 20 years, since college. That was a huge grunge rock era, such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana. Although I liked Soundgarden and the first album of Pearl Jam, I wasn’t into Nirvana and many other grunge bands constantly debuted by one big sensation. For a former heavy metal kid (lol), grunge simply killed heavy metal and hard rock, and even good time rock n’ roll. It was sad to see many of them were dead or changed their style to new mainstream. So yes, I was an anti-grunge kid.

But I was attracted to Seattle as seen on TV. Because Seattle was the capital of music scene at that time, there was no day not to see the city on media. Unlike the grunge music and economy were depressive, behind the scene in Seattle was somehow laid back, down-to-earth, and unique in my eyes.

Then “Sleepless in Seattle” in 1993 (I watched on the following year). Rather than nice story and acting, I was once again attracted to the behind the scene of the movie. Pike Place, ocean view house, cloudy and foggy weather, laid back atmosphere…matched with my imagination. I wanted to go to Seattle much more.

Seattle was also a very difficult place to go. It was one of the furthest place in the U.S. from New York City. Long distance would cost more money, too. Plus destiny didn’t easily allow me to Seattle. I had been in Portland, OR. I planned to go to Seattle next but had to return to New York for an emergency without taking 3 more hours to the north.

Seattle continued to be on my mind…then 20 years passed. Grunge was long gone, and IT innovation replaced the center of mainstream there. I still wanted to visit. I wanted to stay there, at least, one week for the best discovery as possible. Then finally, I found a luck and time to visit there. Double checked. No problem on my schedule. I have enough frequent flyer mileage to get award tickets. Ok, let’s go. My 10 days journey started.